Latest News

10/28/2021 – My Latest Radio Spots – X96 and KGO810. All In One Place.

3/5/2018 – What it Means to be an 18-Year Successful “Unsuccessful” Screenwriter

2/27/2018 – An Interview with my Alma Mater, University of Utah

1/26/2018 – A Quick Word About The Hurricane Heist – in Theaters March 9, 2018.

6/29/2016 – Wrestlers, Hurricanes, Zombies… and Stan Lee? A HUGE UPDATE.

4/8/2016 – Scary Horror Writer to Scary Horror… Wrestler?

3/15/2015 – My buddy Sam Simon.

2/24/2015 – Run Like Hell and The Stan Winston School.

2/18/2015 – Let’s Finally Discuss What Happened With Jamie Lee Curtis.


4/9/2014 – RUN LIKE HELL – The long and torrid history:  PART FOUR.

2/14/2014 – A bloody (and lengthy) Valentine’s Day update.

10/31/2013 – THE RETURN OF MY TOP 13 HALLOWEEN HORROR MOVIES – For the Stan Winston School.

9/18/2013 – My Big News – An Explanation & Initial Internet Roundup.

7/26/2013 – Updates on Run Like Hell and Other News.

6/4/2013 – The Kickstarter for the Run Like Hell graphic novel… is FUNDED!

5/29/2013 – RUN LIKE HELL – The long and torrid history:  PART THREE.

5/20/2013 – RUN LIKE HELL – The long and torrid history:  PART TWO.

5/10/2013 – The long and torrid history of Run Like Hell:  PART ONE

5/6/2013 – RUN LIKE HELL – The graphic novel they didn’t want you to see, is live on Kickstarter!

10/31/2012 – MY TOP 13 HALLOWEEN MOVIES OF ALL TIME – For the Stan Winston School.

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