About the Scary Horror Writer – Jeff Dixon

I grew up as that weird (and some would say, occasionally twisted) kid who read Fangoria and watched every single horror movie his local video store in small town Utah had on the shelf. Instead of posters of sports cars, or baseball heroes, I had Jason and Freddy hanging on my walls. Yeah, I guess you could say I was kind of a rebel and a horror freak.

Fast forward many years… I graduated from film school, where I completed many short horror films, but most importantly, honed my skills for writing screenplays. I worked odd jobs on a few indie films (I was even Fred Ward’s double once) then finally decided I had to move to Los Angeles. With not a single contact and only a Hollywood Creative Directory in tow, I cold-called every production company A to Z. I finally landed a job at Danny Devito’s company, Jersey Films. After working there, and on the production side for a while, I decided to quit and write full time. Thank God that worked out. I currently reside in Pacific Palisades, CA with my wife and two daughters.

I’m a Gersh-represented writer who loves to focus on the horror and thriller genres, but really enjoys writing anything that allows me to be creative. I worked for the Stan Winston School of Creative Arts as their in-house writer. I wrote for the World Wrestling Federation crafting storylines and dialogue for awesome wrestlers. I’ve written numerous feature length scripts, many of which are tied up at various studios or production companies. I’m constantly working on a pitch, treatment, script, comic book, or even graphic novel (my latest feature length graphic novel “Run Like Hell” can be purchased on this site.) Both myself and my projects have been mentioned in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, and countless Internet websites. I’ve worked in all aspects of the entertainment industry, including film, TV, comics, Internet and video games, yet you may not always see my credits (until The Hurricane Heist came along.) Many times I’m that consummate “development” and “behind the scenes” guy, but hey it’s a living.

Click here if you want to know exactly what it’s been like to be an 18-year successful “unsuccessful” screenwriter.


7 thoughts on “About the Scary Horror Writer – Jeff Dixon

  1. Glad to see you follow the dream. I would like to see what would happen if you worked with Robert Eggers. Happy Halloween!

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