A Bloody (and lengthy) Valentine’s Day Update


Usually, whenever it’s a holiday, I’m ranting to anyone within earshot my opinions on that specific holiday’s best horror films (it’s obvious, but please watch the original UNCUT version of My Bloody Valentine if you’ve never seen it.)  Although, this Valentine’s Day I’m here for a different reason.  First, yes, I’m still alive.  I know I haven’t written in a while, and even sadly skipped both my Horror Advent Calendar, and Sundance Film Festival updates this year. But you’ll have to cut me some slack.  I’ve been pretty swamped. Regardless, the main reason I’m here is because many people have been asking, so here I am to finally give a bit of an update on a few current projects.

#1 – Let’s not beat around the bush. Most of you want to know what’s the latest with The Final Girls. http://www.deadline.com/2013/09/abc-family-preps-horror-drama-jamie-lee-curtis-attached-to-star-steve-miner-to-helm/ Pretty much every time I see anyone, the first words they say to me are, “So what’s going on with the show?”  Well, as most of you know about this business, it’s ALWAYS the best policy to say less, than it is to say more.  So forgive me if I pick my shared information carefully. But the nitty gritty of it is a typical good news/bad news situation.

First the good news.

The good news is that the pilot is in the best shape it’s ever been in creatively. We’ve had some ups and downs, that’s for sure.  What good roller coaster doesn’t have those wonderful hills and valleys?  But after many delays, starts, stops, hirings, firings, and countless bottles of whiskey, I’ve finished my rewrites, polishes, tweaks, hugs, and full blown french kisses on the project. I’m insanely happy with it.  Now, that’s NOT to say that there won’t be more work done on the script. Everyone in this business knows that’s never quite the case. These pilots go through 100 ringers (and sometimes writers) before anyone has the confidence to put millions of dollars into it. I get it. That’s a lot of dough. That being said, I do believe that if we were in a typical pilot situation, we’d be out shooting this baby as I type.  But… we’re not in a typical pilot situation…  And this is the part I have to leave out. Without going into the unique specifics of this project, and all of its machinations, because of these unique terms, along comes the bad news.

The bad news is that we’ve been delayed. Originally we were planning on starting shooting in March, with a eyeballed starting airdate of October, to coincide with Halloween (of course.) This does not appear to be happening anymore. The calendar just doesn’t line up. It’s a bit of a bummer for me, because I like to move when I feel like things are ready. Plus, I’ve been through maaaaaaany of these delays before in my career, and I know that delays of any kind always open the door for a world of other potential issues. I hate delays. But, there is a new plan of attack being constructed for my little opus over at ABC Family, and that takes time. I just have to wait it out and see our fate. That being said, the reason for the delay might actually be because of a good thing.

The bright spot of this bad news is that we are still a big priority at the network, and no one wants to rush this. They know this is a project that could be huge for them. The potential is endless. Everyone simply wants to make sure everything is exactly where it should be, and exactly right for the audience. They still have full confidence in the show, and that hasn’t wavered in the least. Sometimes things that are high priority aren’t rushed, but rather carefully plotted. Plus, let’s not forget that there’s a brand new president over at ABC Family, and whenever there’s a new boss in town, there’s always an extra round of “quality control.”

To end this Final Girls update, I’ll say this. Now, I’ve been around the block many, many times in this business. I’ve seen it all, and I’ve dealt with it all. Because of this, I take everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, with a grain of salt, including this next comment. But saying that, I have been told with utmost assurance, that shooting our series is not a matter of “IF”, but simply a matter of “WHEN.” Grain of salt or not, I will leave you with that. Not “if”, but “when.” That’s all I can really hope for in this crazy town. Let’s just hope the “when” is sooner rather than later.

#2 – My other larger update is what hopefully is one of my last updates on the matter of my graphic novel, RUN LIKE HELL.  As most of you know, I have gone through literal hell in getting this thing to print. Well, I’m glad to say that just yesterday, I finally approved the absolute final proofs, sent to me directly from the printer. After all this time, and all the shit I’ve gone through with this book, it’s finally being printing as you read this!  I could not be more happy about this.  Here is a sneak peek at the final cover, both front and back. Click on the image for a larger version.

RLH Cover Final Proof

I will defintiely be posting more in the upcoming months about final release dates, where to buy it, and all that good stuff.  For now, I’m just ecstatic that all my amazing Kickstarter backers that helped me make this book possible are finally going to get their HARDCOVER copy that they so richly deserve. Stay tuned for more on RUN LIKE HELL for sure.

#3 – Lastly, I wanted to fill you in on a teeny bit of film news.  Mostly, my film news is all over the place, and because of that, this is definitely where I like to subscribe to the less is more school of thought. But I can spew these two tiny neato tidbits.
– First, my tattoo script DERMIS has some new life, new producers, potential new financiers, lots of life. Stay tuned on that one.  That is my personal favorite script I’ve ever written.
– Second, my indie project BETA TEST has attached the awesome Fran Kranz as the lead. Fran was absolutely incredible as the stoner hero from The Cabin in the Woods. He will be perfect in this Cronenberg-esque mind-mender of a project. It’s out to female leads now.

So yeah, there you have it. Lots to write about. Thanks for sticking with my long-winded update, but it actually saves me time from having to explain it all each time I see anybody. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes, but this will have to do for now.

Until next time, everyone go out and enjoy Valentine’s Day. I know it’s a Hallmark holiday, but who gives a shit. It gives people in relationships a reason to be a little nicer to one another. What’s the problem with that? And hell, if you’re single, it gives you a lot more opportunities than you think. Get out somewhere. Call another single person. You’re all feeling the exact same way. Trust me.

Be good everybody. Till next time!

3 thoughts on “A Bloody (and lengthy) Valentine’s Day Update

  1. Lots of coals in your proverbial fire, Jeff. Good for you, man! Very (no, VERY, VERY, VERY!) excited for THE FINAL GIRLS project, as is (and will be) every horror fan around the globe. Glad to hear that you’re so pleased with the current creative status of the pilot and my fingers are crossed that this doesn’t get too tinkered with down the line by the myriad suits who will undoubtedly think that they know better. Anxiously awaiting future updates and news and will be helping to promote the heck out of this amazing-sounding project on FB and my blog.

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