Yeah, I know it’s September 30. A little early for an “October” list. I fully acknowledge that, smarty pants.

This year I wanted to give you all a little pre-list introduction. I so rarely write on this blog anymore, it feels nice to be back just writing on here in any form. I know I’ve done a version of these introductions before, but usually they’re just lumped in with Day 1. This time I wanted to give everyone a formal little hello, and as always, a forewarning about my choices…

I honestly can’t believe it’s my 5th year with this list. What started as a simple method to point friends in the right direction whenever they asked me for a scary movie to watch during Halloween, has now become a beast unto itself. It’s always fun and entertaining to hear from people all over the world about what they agree with and what they vehemently don’t. As usual, in my picks, there will be a mix of classics and modern films, disturbing and hilarious, masterpieces and well, pieces of spectacularly entertaining shit. I’m just as pleased to introduce someone to a film as light and entertaining as Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, as I am to introduce them to the truly disturbing world of Martyrs. It all brings me a smile.

And, as usual, here’s my forewarning to some of you… Remember, these are my opinions. No one is going to agree on everything, nor should they. And unless you’re drunk, stoned, lobotomized, or a combo of all three, you should NEVER agree with me on everything I have to say. You should know that I have a bizarre disease where I like WAY more than most people do. I like practically all horror. Good, bad, and everything in between. So pick and choose what you like, but I guarantee hidden in the rubble, you’ll find one or two flicks you’ll dig in the mix.

So come along with me, and let’s watch some damn horror.