My Big News – An Explanation & Initial Internet Roundup.


So by now most of you have probably seen my big news.  I created, wrote, and sold a horror TV show called The Final Girls to ABC Family.  The phenomenal Jamie Lee Curtis is starring.  The incredible Steve Miner is directing.  And all three of us…  yes internet, all three of us, are executive producers on the project.

I sincerely apologize for teasing it for so long.  I’ve been DYING to announce this since we set it up at the end of May.  But until contracts were signed and everything was good to go, well, you know Hollywood.  It’s a good thing not announce anything until the time is right.  And finally, the time is right.

At some point in the future when I have some time (yeah, right!) I’ll relay the entire fun story of how this came to be.  Because that is truly an amazing story in itself.  How I ventured into TV in the first place.  How Steve came on board.  How Jamie came on board.  Driving around in a towncar with Jamie and Steve, pitching to 10 networks in 2 days.  A whirlwind of insanity, and a fanboy’s dream, all taking place at once.  But those are stories for another day.

For now, here’s a small sampling of how the internet reacted to the initial news.  I find it funny that some of the articles don’t even mention me, even though I created the entire thing.  Ha.  I’m especially looking at YOU, Fangoria!!!  I’ve been an obsessed reader since birth!  But I digress…  Anyway, enjoy.,103063/

Lastly, I will end with this… I could NOT be more excited to be working with ABC Family.  They are an absolutely amazing network, and anyone that has worked with them before will tell you that they are a perfect place to be.  Now, I know a lot of the early comments on these here interwebs have been focused on, “How can you do a horror TV show on ABC Family?”  Well, let me say this.  I never set out to do a super hardcore, gorefest in the first place.  I set out to do a fun, scarefest horror series that true horror fans (like myself) would love.  Dark, depressing, and twisted shows already exist.  The gorefests already exist.  The “push the envelope” shows already exist.  You know how I know?  I watch them all!!!  The Walking Dead.  American Horror Story.  The Following.  Bates Motel.  They’re all outstanding series’.  But the dark and twisted has already stamped their ground on TV.  It’s time for a FUN horror series.  The Final Girls is far more SCREAM than SAW.  It’s funny when it’s funny.  And it’s scary as hell when it’s scary.  Guys, I’m one of the biggest horror fanatics in the world.  I’ve been so since birth.  You’re going to have to trust me on this one.  We’ll do the genre right.

And yes, saying this… don’t think The Final Girls is going to be completely “soft” either.  The opening scene does involve a nailgun.  So, no worries.  We’ve got you covered.

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