My Latest Radio Spots – X96 and KGO810. All In One Place.

Hey all, as usual, my October has been kind of INSANE. I’ve been trying to keep up by posting all my updates, but failing. I realized I was on the radio again recently and because of everything going on, I completely forgot to post about it. So I figured I’d load it up here. Then I figured, I’d put them all on here. So if you’re feeling self-torturous and want to hear my voice blathering about horror movies, here is a one-stop shop for listening to my 2021 radio show appearances below:

X96 – Radio From Hell – 10/20/21 Segment

X96 – Radio From Hell – 10/26/21 Segment

KGO 810 – 10/21/21 Segment

And just in case anyone is interested in some of past spots on KGO 810, here are the past two years as well.

KGO 810 – 2020 Segment

KGO 810 – 2019 Segment

So there you go. All my recent radio in one place.

BTW, I am trying to post all my updates on my social media channels. As always please follow here:

Twitter –
Facebook –
Instagram –
LinkedIn –

Thanks all!

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