2016 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICKS – They’re Baaaaack…


Starting tomorrow… For a 7th straight year… They’re baaaack…

That’s 6 years already of these October Horror Movie Recommendations. 186 Jeff Dixon horror opinions and counting. Yeah, that’s way too much of my blather. Sorry.

This time we’re back with a few minor changes. First I’m sick of typing the word “Recommendation” so I’m changing it to “Pick”. Welcome to my “October Horror Movie Picks.” Yeah, that’s much better. The other change you’ll notice is my new look! I decided after all these years my site needed a little refresher. It needed a little jazz. I like yellow. So enjoy all the yellow. Let me know what you think. *NOTE: You won’t see the new look if you’re reading this on mobile. It’s pretty bare bones on there so it’s easier to read.

As usual, since there are always a few newcomers to the list each year, I start with my usual song and dance introduction. Here’s goes.

Every Halloween everyone I know asks me for a scary movie to watch. Giving good scary movie recommendations (I mean picks!) are practically a horror writer’s second job. And we love every second of it. We love when the rest of the world comes around each October to discover the joy of fear that we horror freaks access all year round. This list basically started there, as an easy place for friends to go that were looking for a fright flick. Then over the years, it’s grown bigger and bigger, spreading like the virus in [REC] (see October 20, 2010.)

The concept is pretty basic. Every day in October I give you a horror movie that I enjoy. Bear in mind many people are far more educated on the entire world of horror than I am (see Brian Collins for that.) Regardless, I am a superfan, and I have been my entire life. This is simply my little point of view on the subject, and I enjoy spreading the good word. Just bear in mind my taste runs the entire gamut of horror. Some of my choices will be to your liking. Many of them will make you curse my name and wonder why you’re spending time reading this garbage. So be it. I was luckily born with the gift of finding something good in all kinds of these flicks.

As usual, my picks will be a mix of classics, new releases, and everything in between (the 80’s are my personal fave.) My guarantee stands that I know I’ll show you at least ONE movie you’ll dig. And maybe, juuuuust maybe, as I’ve stated every year, I’ll get at least one newbie to watch Martyrs (see October 31, 2010.)

I only ask that you chime in. It’s more fun that way. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (which I’m posting on for the first time this year), email, or right here in the comments section of this blog. Simply let me know what you think, when you agree with my choices, or (more entertainingly) when you don’t. Just tell me why. I love to hear all the different opinions from everyone.

Okay freaks, I’ve gone on long enough. Let’s do this.

Let the horror viewing… BEGIN.

Well, tomorrow.