Scary Horror Writer to Scary Horror… Wrestler?

WWE Logos 2

No, I’m not becoming a wrestler. For that to happen, I would have to go back in time many, many years, and essentially alter everything about my physical appearance. After that? Well, no. I still wouldn’t make it because of that tiny problem with my complete lack of skill.

On to brighter news, I just wanted to throw out an update to those of you that follow this site for various horror blather. This weirdo horror writer is currently working with a completely different type of company that values a completely different kind of insanity. Yes, I’m talking about the WWE, or World Wrestling Entertainment for those of you living under a rock that lives under a bigger rock.

I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was a kid. It’s something that has always been in my heart and soul. I still remember my Saturday mornings watching Junkyard Dog and Koko B. Ware do battle. Epic. For me, this truly is a childhood dream come true.

Besides saying that I’m working in a creative capability, I’m not going to talk about anything specific, and I never will. That’s not what this is about. I value the company’s complete discretion, and to be honest, I value my own job security as well. But I did want to at least let you know what this horror nut has been up to, mainly because I’m really awful at updating this blog. I write in it so seldom lately that I’m feeling reverse abandonment issues (is that a thing?)

When I come up for air, I’ll do my best to keep additional updates coming. There are some verrrrrry interesting things going on with a few of my other projects that I can’t wait to talk about as well.

Until then, I promise I will do my absolute best to incorporate as much horror into the WWE as I can. Which will probably be none, because it’s a family show. But I will still try.


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