RUN LIKE HELL – The graphic novel they didn’t want you to see, is live on Kickstarter!


It’s finally here!  Holy crap, I can hardly believe it.  After the numerous years of torment, insanity, and flat out idiocy surrounding the numerous failed launches of this book, it’s finally going to see the light of day…  But ONLY with your help.

Before you read on, you first need to go to the Kickstarter page.  Definitely watch the amazing video.  Read through the page.  But most importantly, PLEDGE!  Well, actually it’s more of a pre-order than a pledge.  You’ll see.

Now, many have asked and wondered about all the countless delays with this book.  There are so many, it’ll be difficult to even share them all.  Some things I don’t know; some things I legally cannot share; and some things I’ve simply forgotten (or blacked out on purpose.)  Regardless, I will be sharing more about the entire journey soon.  I will explain the trials and tribulations, give you a little bit of insight into both the film and comic industries, and eventually show you how I finally got here.

This blog will finally be coming back to life during this campaign.  And it will be juicy and fun.  But until that, please, please, PLEASE, pledge to the campaign.  I guarantee this campaign needs it a lot more than Zach Braff or the Veronica Mars people.

Thanks all!


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