Run Like Hell

The story of one man’s mission to escape the demon, frat boy, mime, diva, clown, and pet peeve filled land known simply as Hell.

$14.99 – Paperback

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Hell. As you can imagine, life there sucks. Louis Rockwell, formerly known as Recruiter Putrescence of the C.H.R.A. or Central Hell Recruitment Agency, knows this all too well. After breaking one of Hell’s cardinal rules, Louis is stripped of his rank and sentenced to a prison where his own personal fears must be relived each and every day. Unable to accept his unjust punishment, Louis forges an impossible plan to do what no one has ever done before. He’s going to escape. But it won’t be easy. In order to bust out of this mime, frat boy, Wal-Mart, clown and pet-peeve filled compound, he’s going to have to Run… Like… Hell.

RLH Cover Final Proof

5 thoughts on “Purchase RUN LIKE HELL

  1. Bleeding cool…could you please sign me book? Thank ye. I am looking forward to enjoying this book…whether you sign it or not 🙂 Thank you!

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