2012 HORROR ADVENT CALENDAR – DAY #23: Six Rapid Fire Horrors.

I missed a few days there so I wasn’t able to vent about a lot of things I would have liked to.  So here’s me trying to play catch up in a rapid fire way.  Enjoy some quick little hits on some more of 2012’s horrors.

Single Cup Coffee Makers.


Sure they seem great, but admit it, they’re far from perfect.  The cups are still kind of expensive.  They don’t make a large enough cup of coffee.  But mainly, the biggest horror is that they’re quickly approaching disposable diapers as one of the largest products taking over our landfills.  They’re becoming an environmental disaster.


Lance Armstrong.



There’s a couple different horrors here.  First, yes, it’s horrible that this guy turned out to be a douchebag.  Not only did he cheat, but the fact that he forced his other teammates to cheat too is pretty crappy.  But the other horrific thing is that people can’t see that this guy STILL did what no other human could.  If every other human in the world doped the same way he did, he’d STILL dominate everyone.  Regardless of douchebaggery, he should not be dismissed so easily.  He was still one of a kind.


No Doubt’s Comeback.



They tried.  They didn’t.


Westboro Baptist Church.



These people honest are the worst of the worst.  I wanted to give them an entire day, let alone an entire month.  But I didn’t want to even give them that much credit.  They’re awful.  They’re bottom of the barrel.  And they’re the worst representation of what a “church” can be.  BTW, bless the hackers “Anonymous” for taking them down right now.  They deserve the Hell they preach.


Nonstop 2012 Political Ads.



The vitriol just really ramped up this year.  It went from already awful, to downright abysmal, and honestly it got so bad, it almost seemed otherworldly.  I still can’t believe what politics in this country has become.  THAT is horror.


Recording every single aspect of life on Facebook.


I know I’ve already written about Facebook, but this one bears mention.  Please people.  I beg you.  Try and treat Facebook more like a highlight reel, and not as a minute-by-minute broadcast of your life.  Trust me, NO one cares that much about any single person.  No one.


One thought on “2012 HORROR ADVENT CALENDAR – DAY #23: Six Rapid Fire Horrors.

  1. While I agree with almost everything here…the Keurig is the greatest modern invention since computers. I’m not kidding. The coffee isn’t more expensive, it’s about the same (you can also get on Keurig’s monthly coffee deal and it’s even cheaper). You can change the cup size so you can get whatever size you want. You can also buy a K-cup filter and fill it with your own coffee or tea. The coffee is the same consistency every time. I have heard of several folks whose machines have broken down, and they’ve contacted Keurig and they’ve sent them a brand new one at no charge. The best part: no more fumbling with filling the coffee maker with water and trying to scoop coffee when you’re dead tired. Don’t knock it ’til you try it.

    As far as Lance Armstrong…I don’t care if he was able to bike up the side Empire State Building. He still did drugs to enhance his performance, and that’s just plain wrong. He SHOULD have done it without drugs if he could dominate everyone. He gets no sympathy or support from me. And this is a lessons to all the kiddies out there: do drugs and lose your balls!

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