2012 HORROR ADVENT CALENDAR – DAY #24: Our Gun Obsession.


If anyone thinks that there isn’t anything more horrifying in 2012 than our growing gun obsession, I’d like to know.  To be honest, I had an entire essay I was going to write on this subject for my final entry into my 2012 Horror Advent Calendar (I have A LOT to say about the subject.)  But as I sat down to write, I paused.  The realization hit that words are becoming fruitless at this point.  Whining, complaining, feeling helpless, it’s all bullshit.  Everything has been said.  People know where they stand.  People can either accept or ignore the facts, depending on which position they already hold.  It’s what always happens.  We’re going in circles.

But finally, I finally think we’ve hit the tipping point.  Enough words.  It’s time for action.  Look for a cause.  Send your politicians a letter, or a phone call, or email.  Anything.  Actually make your voice heard.  Personally, I would suggest a donation to the Brady Campaign.  They are one of the best, if not the best, organizations on the subject.


And yes, since I already suggested you donate to the Brady Campaign, I guess I tipped my hat to my position.  So before I go, I will add at least a few more of my words to the mix.  I won’t write the entire essay I had planned, but I’d be chagrinned if I didn’t at least weigh in a little bit.  Some of it may surprise you.

First, I do not hold the opinion that all guns should be banned.  I personally don’t think most rational human beings hold this thought either.  It’s FAR too late for that, and to be honest it doesn’t make sense either.  Guns do actually have a place in our society.  That may not be the most PC thing to say at this time, but it’s true.  Hunting will always be a part of our culture.  Self-protection will always be a part of culture.  Skill and target shooting even has a place in our culture.  Essentially what I’m saying is that there are aspects of our life where guns belong.

BUT… things have gotten out of hand.

I think even the most fervent gun-nuts can acknowledge this.  Even if they won’t say it publicly.  There are things that need to be done as far as licenses, training, mental health screening, putting assault rifles back where they belong — with the Military, and definitely trimming politicians who are paid huge amounts of money by lobbyists to completely ignore anything and everything dealing with all of the above.  But the specifics of these ideas are the things that have people talking in circles.  I won’t continue that trend now because it won’t do any of us any good.  I’ll let you do your own thinking.  I only ask that you actually do that — think.  Don’t just spout words.  Don’t just act on others’ ideologies.  Think.  And create your own personal opinions.

Oh, and the NRA?  Sigh…  Why do you have to be so stupid?  You actually could be a decent organization with a decent cause.  But  much like PETA, you just go too far and completely divide people.  Why do these organizations have to go completely overboard instead of actually acting sane?  Is sanity now a sign of weakness?  So your solution is to arm every school?  Really?  That’s like putting out a fire… with more fire.  Dammit, you numbskulls actually had an opportunity here to do some good.  To change your image.  To be the solution instead of the problem.  But you blew it.  Although, this is further proof of my initial horror in the first place.  We, as a culture, have an insane obsession with guns.  And it’s going to be difficult to change.

But we CAN change it.

It IS the time to talk about it.

We don’t have to live in a constant whirlwind of gun-related horrors.

For my final horror entry, I wanted to point out how our insane gun culture seems to have indeed peaked in 2012.  It is horrifying and hopeless.  Hey, that’s the point of horror.  But, I’m going to actually try and end this on a hopeful note.  I firmly believe that 2013 will bring a little more sanity into the mix.  People are talking.  People are acting.  While 2012 may have been the downhill slope, maybe 2013 is where we change course.  Even though I mainly focus on horror, I’m actually looking forward to some hope.

Well, that’s it.  The end.  I hope you enjoyed my 2012 Horror Advent Calendar everyone.  If you want a refresher on any of the other days that you may have missed, here’s the master link (or just click the link up above.)


It’s been an interesting little journey, as always.  Agree, disagree, I honestly don’t care.  Hopefully I at least made some of you think.

Happy holidays everyone.  See you in 2013!

One thought on “2012 HORROR ADVENT CALENDAR – DAY #24: Our Gun Obsession.

  1. As a gun owner and a daughter of parents who do cowboy action shooting, I do agree that the obsession with guns has gotten out of hand. However, the obsession is on all sides. Those who don’t own or understand guns think that all guns need to be banned. Those who own and use them think that they should be allowed to own fully automatic ones, which is not necessary. Plus, the NRA has gone downhill since Heston resigned his position. That REALLY sucks.

    Some statistics: Over 8400 people died due to gunshot wounds in 2011. Over 32,000 people died due to injuries in car accidents in 2011. The one object that kills more people every year is the baseball bat. The gun is not the only weapon someone will choose–this year in China, a man broke into a kindergarten room and attacked 20 children with a knife. Many gun-related fatalities occur in “gun-free zones (The perfect target for bad guys–hey! no one’s got a gun so I have the upper hand!).

    What we need is gun EDUCATION, not gun control. Gun owners need to keep their guns under lock and key at all times, and only allow others to use them under their supervision. For the schools, have gun safety experts come in to talk about guns, the good and the bad. I remember as a kid a cop coming to our school to educate us about safety, and he talked abut his gun. It was cool to learn why he has it and when he should use it. They could do the same at churches and libraries. When you educate others in a safe environment and don’t let curiosity get the best of them, then people are more apt to think logically about them and not have a knee-jerk reaction.

    We need to remember that a complete gun ban is NOT the solution. Guns were banned in Britain, and gun-related crimes have gone up 86% since that ban and are still rising. The thing is that the bad guys will always find ways to get guns. If you put in more laws then you’re only weakening the ability for people to protect themselves. Let’s remember Pearl High School–the boy who was trying to mass murder students and teachers was stopped by the assistant vice principal, who got his gun from his car and shot him.

    I think this is one of those issues where people will always take sides and not look at the middle ground. Sadly, it will be our demise either way if none of us do something to stand up and protect the middle ground.

    BTW, over 84 million responsible and licensed gun owners in America did not kill anyone yesterday. Just something to think about.

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