2019 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICKS – the 10th Year, aka OHM Picks X.

Awesome things come in X’s.

First there was Jason X…

Then came the iPhone X…

Now it’s time for OHM Picks X.

Can’t really believe this strange passage of time, but some how, some way, this is my TENTH year doing this list. Wow. To think it all started simply because my friends were always asking me for horror movies to watch during October. After telling the 8th person in a row the same spiel to immediately go watch the vastly under-appreciated Frailty, or that they absolutely must watch The Thing after finding out they hadn’t seen it yet, I decided to make a place where I could just write all my recommendations down and direct people there. Now, 10 (or the cooler, X) years later, my dumb little scaryhorrorwriter blog has become a delightful little library for scary movies of all shapes and sizes.

I’ve given the same background on me and this list every single year, and I’m sure all of you are sick of it. So on my X year, I won’t repeat myself anymore. If you don’t know who I am, click on that little photo to the right of this page (or just click here). It’ll tell you everything you need to know about lil’ old me. Or, I guess you could go back into past Sept 30th posts and read the intro to other years. Lots of “I grew up in a conservative small town so horror movies were my escape” and “I love every type of horror flick from the schlock to the art house” kind of talk.

Although, the most important part of this intro that I will repeat is this. I can find something I like in almost every single horror movie, so I choose allllllll kinds of flicks. Good and bad. These are flicks I enjoy for a multitude of reasons. I do NOT expect everyone to agree with this list. In fact, I want you to challenge me. Tell me if you agree. Tell me if you disagree. Doesn’t matter. But hopefully I can introduce you to a few gems that maybe you hadn’t heard of before. That’s always my favorite.

So please, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, or right here in the comments section of this blog, let me know what you think. It’s a hell of a lot more fun that way.

Oh yeah, one last thing…

I swear I have zero connection to them, so I’m not being a shill for any other reason than I am a massive fan. But if you like horror movies at all, I would highly suggest you subscribe to SHUDDER. www.shudder.com It’s the absolute end-all-be-all horror streaming service. Many of my favorite choices were festival favorites that Shudder bought for exclusive rights. Hence, many of the movies on this list will be Shudder exclusives, and you’ll only be able to see them there. Even if you subscribe solely for October, do it. It’s $5/month, and hands down the best $5 you’ll ever spend, especially if you’re a horrorhead. They curate that site with the love of a true horror fanatic. Trust me, at least do it for October, but I guarantee you’ll want to subscribe for longer. It’s amazing. Anyway, just a little FYI if you’ll want to see many of this year’s choices.

Without further adieu, tune in tomorrow for Day 1 of OHM Picks X.

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