10/11/20 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #11 – The Pool (2018).

Today’s movie comes from Thailand. It is so ridiculous, so far-fetched, and yet so amazing at the same time. It’s so silly, and dammit if I didn’t have the most fun watching it. If you can allow yourself to stretch believability a bit, and let yourself go, you will enjoy yourself too. Here’s the brief imdb synopsis:

In an abandoned 6-meter deep pool, a couple is stranded there with a deadly predator.

Yeah, it’s basically about a dude (and eventually his girlfriend) who get stuck at the bottom of an insanely deep pool with a crocodile. It’s a single-location movie that finds some pretty great ways to stretch the concept into some unseen places. Bear in mind, this movie knows it’s ridiculous. It is—and I’m not making this up—partially financed and produced… by Pizza Hut. Why Pizza Hut decided this was the movie to showcase their wares (oh, and they are blatantly showcased in hilarious fashion) is beyond me. But honestly, it all is pretty much on-brand with the rest of the insanity on screen. Sure there are some janky CGI effects at times, but who cares. This is just a nutty, down & dirty, Thai, single-location, animal-attack flick, that knows what it is, and delivers on its premise. So if this is your cup of tea, drink up.

*SPOILER & WARNING. There is one scene in particular that some viewers will have a difficult time with. This may be a spoiler, but it involves a graphic animal death. I felt I had to say this because I can watch a million people die on screen, but dammit, I have a real hard time with certain animals.

Where to Watch: Streaming on Shudder.com or AsianCrush.com.

Food/Drink Pairing: Pizza Hut, brought to you by Pizza Hut. Mmm, enjoy that Pizza Hut.

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