That’s a Wrap on Year 13! And My Latest Radio Appearance.

*Scroll Down for Radio Appearance Link*

Yep, it’s November 1st. That officially means it’s a wrap on Year 13 of my October Horror Movie List!

Wow… 13 friggin’ years… I still can’t believe I’ve been doing this list for 13 years. Time makes no sense anymore.

Anyway, as usual, I hope you all had as much fun with 2022’s list as I did. Remember, even though I only do this list in October, horror movies don’t have to only be an October thing. They can be an everyday thing — all year round! Any time you find yourself wondering if there’s a scary movie to watch, you know where to go… right here. All 13 years will always be here for your perusal. Just click the links for the past years above. Hell, I’ve talked about over 400 movies now, so no excuses that you can’t find anything to watch. 

And one last thing… I know it’s November now and many of you are done with horror movies until next year. BUT, if by chance, you still have a hankering for some scares, and want to hear me blather about horror movies again, here is my latest radio appearance on my buddy Mark Thompson’s new show. Even though it’s on YouTube, it’s still a listening medium. Treat it as you would a normal podcast or radio station. Anyway, here’s my 2022 appearance. It’s always fun.

The link should start right at my segment, but if it doesn’t, I start at the 1:08:09 mark.

That’s it for me. Thanks again all! Can’t wait until next year. Trust me… there are some very big things on the horizon. So stay tuned!

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