10/25/22 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #25 – Salem’s Lot (1979).

Time for an old oldie but a goodie. I’m always amazed by how many people have never actually seen Salem’s Lot. To me, this is required viewing if you’re a horror fan. Even though numerous of Stephen King’s books have been adapted into TV miniseries over the years, this was the very first one. And you may think since it was made for TV, it can’t be too scary, right? Wrong. This movie is full of creepy nightmare fuel. Here is the brief IMDB synopsis:

A novelist and a young horror fan attempt to save a small New England town which has been invaded by vampires.

Salem’s Lot is a classic. It’s got that classic feel, classic vibe, and classic tone. Many movies have borrowed from Salem’s Lot over the years, so it’s good to see where a lot of these ideas came from. There are a ton of things to praise about this film, but there are two things that I’ve always stuck to. First and foremost, the design of Barlow is one for the ages. Sure it’s a little Nosferatu (and a pretty big departure from the book), but it hits hard with me. The teeth, the eyes, the skin color, it all resonates on such a deep level, and still gives me the creeps to this day. The second thing I want to mention is the amazing “boy floating outside the window” sequence, that, to this day, holds up as one of the best horror moments ever. Much of the unnerving aspect of this sequence was because it was filmed in reverse and then played forward. It gives everything a bizarre ethereal feel that is just magical. Lastly, if none of that gets you to watch, remember, this was directed by Tobe Hooper, the genius who gave us Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist, The Funhouse, and more. That alone should get you to finally give this vampire classic a view. So what are you waiting for? Get to it.

Where to Watch: Streaming on Shudder and AMC+

Food/Drink Pairing: Garlic bread and a vodka martini, with a garlic-stuffed olive of course.

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