10/23/22 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #23 – Censor (2021).

Once again, let’s chat about a movie that I’m fully aware won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes when a movie begins one way, and ends another, viewers have a difficult time with it. Because if your expectations of storytelling are rigid, then you’ll be left unsatisfied. But if you keep an open mind to how things can change and alter along the way, I think you’ll find Censor to be an intriguing and highly original ride. Here is the brief imdb synopsis:

After viewing a strangely familiar video nasty, Enid, a film censor, sets out to solve the past mystery of her sister’s disappearance, embarking on a quest that dissolves the line between fiction and reality.

Censor came out at Sundance… but not actually at Sundance. It came out during that strange pandemic Sundance when we were all streaming from home. It was this weird amalgamation of a film festival and a streaming service. It didn’t really feel like any one thing. And in a way that’s the best way Censor could have been released. Because this movie isn’t just one thing either. It’s many things. And they change and alter as you watch. It’s a mystery. But it’s also a psychological study. But could it also delving into serial killer territory? You never fully get your footing, but that’s kind of the allure. Something about this movie just made me feel… off. It’s unnerving. It’s unsettling. At some points it feels ethereal and dreamlike, and other times it feels far too real. It has touches of David Lynch, which is high praise if you ask me. I found this movie quite mesmerizing, but in ways I couldn’t fully explain. If you’re into something a bit different, and willing to just let go and experience something fresh, give Censor a spin. 

Where to Watch: Streaming on Hulu

Food/Drink Pairing: Any very non-threatening food with no sharp corners nor overt sexual shapes. And a glass of water.

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