10/20/22 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #20 – Fresh (2022).

Hulu has been killing it of late with their exclusive genre films. I’ve already discussed Prey and Hellraiser, but let’s not forget about Fresh. This movie came out earlier this year and knocked my socks off. It’s bold, it’s twisted, and it came out of nowhere. As usual, it’s best to go in blind, and you’ll be in for one hell of a unique ride. Here is the brief IMDB synopsis:

FRESH follows Noa (Daisy Edgar-Jones), who meets the alluring Steve (Sebastian Stan) at a grocery store and – given her frustration with dating apps – takes a chance and gives him her number.

See? Doesn’t that synopsis sound lovely? It’s just a cute little romantic comedy. Just makes you want to snuggle in your blanket and absorb all the romance. Well, not so fast. Because that’s where it starts. But we all know if it’s on this list, things are going to go downhill at some point. And boy oh boy does it go downhill in some extremely dark, disturbing, and also somehow funny(?) ways. That’s the thing about Fresh. It goes into territory that is about as messed up as it gets, and yet, it still has the ability to feel charming. Sure the story takes center stage because of the bold subject matter, but the acting is really what is front and center. Both Sebastian Stan (good old Winter Soldier in a very different role) and Daisy Edgar-Jones (Where the Crawdads Sing) bring it their all. They romance mixed with a cat-and-mouse gamesmanship is so much fun to watch. There are some moments of this film that are definitely not for the weak stomached, but just like the title suggests, this movie feels completely original and fresh. 

Where to Watch: Streaming on Hulu.

Food/Drink Pairing: A glass of Bordeaux, and um, let’s just say… steak.

2 thoughts on “10/20/22 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #20 – Fresh (2022).

  1. This movie was great! I watched it when it first released on hulu and had no idea what it was about. My daughter insisted I watch it with her. She watched it a few times already and didn’t want me to know anything about the movie before I watched it. I was pleasantly surprised. You are correct, it was bold, somehow funny, and it was brilliantly acted throughout. I loved it from start to finish.

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