10/16/22 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #16 – Incident in a Ghostland.

Okay, let’s dig up some controversy. I’m fully aware a lot of people have issues with this film, for a multitude of reasons. And yes, I understand a lot of them. But I can’t deny the fact that I still found myself haunted by this movie. Parts of it stuck with me for quite a while. Something I should have expected from Pascal Laugier, the filmmaker behind one of my all-time favorites, Martyrs. Here is the brief IMDB synopsis:

A mother of two who inherits a house is confronted with murderous intruders on the first night in their new home and fights for her daughters’ lives. Sixteen years later when the daughters reunite at the house, things get really strange.

Incident in a Ghostland, or just Ghostland, as it was originally titled, is not an easy film to watch. I’ll just say that right up front. There is some brutality to it that isn’t for the squeamish. It also was brutal in real life, as one of the actresses was horrifically mangled on set during a broken glass stunt gone awry, requiring her to have over 70 stitches (one of the controversies surrounding this film was all about how that was dealt with). But sometimes horror is all about brutality. If you know anything about Laugier’s other film, Martyrs, you know he feels the exact same way. And with this film, he forces you to face it head on. Many aspects of it will remind you of some other home invasion movies like The Strangers, but Ghostland doesn’t stop there. It goes in many different directions. Sure, not all of the directions completely line up (there are a few plot holes, I admit), but still the whole of the film makes up for it. I found this film haunting, creepy, icky, and unnerving. And remember, I think all of those are good things. If you’re up for it, give this one a whirl. The suspense is done so well, just know you’ll be witness to some pretty depraved things along the way.

Where to Watch: Streaming on Netflix.

Food/Drink Pairing: Black tea, drank from a doll’s tiny tea party set.

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