10/4/22 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #4 – Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II

This was my most happy discovery from the entire past year. And I will once again thank my beloved Fangoria for finally pushing me to watch this gem after I read their amazing story on it. Man, I cannot believe I’ve lived all this life without ever seeing this movie, which is now one of my favorite 80’s slashers ever. Here is the IMDB synopsis.

Thirty years after her accidental death at her 1957 senior prom, the tortured spirit of prom queen Mary Lou Maloney returns to seek revenge.

The first thing to know is that this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the original Prom Night. There is no Jamie Lee Curtis in this one. This is a whole different animal. Or maybe I should say it’s a whole bunch of different animals. Because it really is 100 different things. It’s got supernatural bits, possession bits, slasher bits, even a whole chunk of Nightmare on Elm Street dream logic thrown in for good measure. Oh and did I mention Michael Ironside? Because there’s Michael Ironside. I’m telling you this movie has everything. It’s the ultimate kitchen sink 80’s slasher. Does it work all the time? Nope. But is it just fun as hell and entertaining for every single second? Damn right it is. If you have even a blink of love for 80’s slashers, do not sleep on this completely underrated gem. I hadn’t had that much fun in a long time. And I admit, I totally have a crush on Mary Lou. I’d absolutely take her to prom, even if it killed me.

Where to Watch: Streaming everywhere – Peacock, Shudder, AMC+, Tubi, Hoopla, Freevee, and a whole bunch of other places.

Food/Drink Pairing: Fries and a milkshake, daddio

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