10/23/21 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #23 – Ghost Stories (2017).

Ghost Stories was an interesting find for me. I’d heard about it when it was released a few years ago, and I was intrigued that it was based off a stage play by the same writers. As you watch the movie, you can totally see how it would work as a play, especially when some of the reveals start to happen later on, but I think it works wonderfully as a film experience as well. Here is the brief imdb synopsis:

Skeptical professor Phillip Goodman embarks on a trip to the terrifying after being given a file with details of three unexplained cases of apparitions.

Ghost Stories works best if you go in with an open mind. Sure there are some things that have been done before, even the way it all comes together, but none of that mattered to me. Sometimes it’s perfectly fine to retread the same territory if you can make it feel fresh. And to me, Ghost Stories felt fresh. Split into three different stories, it’s essentially an anthology film, but it doesn’t exactly feel like an anthology film. It’s hard to explain, but the filmmakers do a good job bleeding the main story into the smaller ones to make it feel cohesive. I think that may be the stage play aspect of the film, in that it just felt slightly different. Overall I thought it was really interesting, had some severely creepy moments, and lastly it has Martin Freeman in it! I love Martin Freeman and will watch anything he does. Luckily this time he chose a creepy little chiller. Enjoy.

Where to Watch: AMC+ and various OnDemand sites.

Food/Drink Pairing: Some bangers and mash.

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