10/3/21 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #3 – The Burning (1981).

My first two picks of the year were both relatively new movies, so let’s go back in time a bit. Let’s go back to my beloved slasher movie well… and what an extremely bloody well it is. Today it’s high time to give some renewed praise to the delightful slasher The Burning. Here’s the brief synopsis from imdb.

A former summer camp caretaker, horribly burned from a prank gone wrong, lurks around an upstate New York summer camp bent on killing the teenagers responsible for his disfigurement.

The Burning is exactly what you want in a classic slasher. First of all, like so many flicks in the same vein, it all takes place at a summer camp. Ahh, summer camp, such a wonderful place for slaughter. But it’s got all the other necessary ingredients too. There are copious amounts of sex, nudity, bullies, nerds, an awesome killer, a great weapon, and an insanely high body count. Here, the relentless killer is a villain named Cropsy, a poor previous employee of the summer camp who was burned horribly by some punk kids and now wants to see them all bleed. Can you blame him? His weapon of choice is a large set of garden sheers, and boy does he put them to good use. The mass amount of slices, dices, chops and impalings with those babies is worth some slasher praise. In fact, how Cropsy is forgotten in the ether of all the great slasher villains out there is a shame. Tom Savini did the makeup so you know you’ve got good gore. Plus, as a bonus, you’ve got a young Jason Alexander as one of the campers. I mean, doesn’t everyone want to see George from Seinfeld get eviscerated? Here’s your chance!

Where to Watch: It’s a little hard to find right now, but I did find a decent copy to stream on Youtube.

Food/Drink Pairing: Roasted marshmallows, cooked over an open flame, and horribly burnt.

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