10/29/19 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #29 – Society (1989).

Yep, let’s go full-blown crazy pants. There really isn’t any other way to describe Society other than that — full-blown crazy pants. In fact, it’s so crazy that I find if you have zero idea about this movie, I don’t even know where to start… Well, let’s start here. It’s NOT for people that are grossed out easily. Queasy stomachs, move on. On the official ratings description, it’s rated R for “bizarre sexuality and violence.” I think that’s the first time I’ve ever seen that moniker, and it’s pretty damn fitting. So I’ll set the scene… It’s 1989. It’s the tail end of the anything goes mentality of 80’s filmmaking. The director Brian Yuzna is notorious in the gore FX universe, and he wants to really showcase his talents. Enter Society, one of the most bonkers, apeshit crazy, what-the-everlasting-f***-is-happening movies you’ll ever see. Society is one massive metaphor, so know that going in. That way, when you start seeing some of the most insane visuals you’ve ever seen, you’ll know how to look at them. It all needs to be taken in context. Society follows the son of an extremely wealthy, powerful, Beverly Hills family. He feels kind of like he doesn’t belong in the world of his upper-class elitists, because he’s just a normal down to Earth kid. But as a friend of his presents him with some bizarre recorded evidence that his family is actually involved in some kind of weird… incest cult, he starts investigating what’s really going on. Well, let’s just say it only get weirder and weirder from here. It’s the only movie where I WISH it were just incest, because the truth is so much worse. Why would I suggest this movie then if it’s so gross? Well, because it’s fascinating. Watching it through the lens of one giant metaphor for classism and elitism vs “the common man” is a study for the ages. Who makes this kind of movie? Brian freakin’ Yuzna, that’s who. I’m telling you, the less you know the better. But just know that what you’re going to see will probably scar you, and the lines that will be cemented in your forehead from furrowing it so hard will probably never go away. It’s bizarre. It’s disgusting. And yet, it is fascinating as Hell. Yes, it’s a little slow at times, but push through to the end. The last 20 minutes will blow your mind. Relish in all the 80’s strangeness that is gruesome shunting (what’s shunting, you ask? Oh, you have to watch to find out.) And I’m pretty sure you won’t come out the same person you entered.

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