10/26/19 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #26 – The Company of Wolves.

Never trust a man with a unibrow. That’s pretty much the moral of this movie, and I completely agree (I’m talking to you, Anthony Davis!) Well, it’s not so much the moral, but it does play a part. The Company of Wolves is such a strange movie. But that’s exactly why I like it. Directed by Neil Jordan, who’s normally known for the high-brow fare, delivers his own brand of an 80’s, high-brow, dreamlike, dark fairy tale. Bookended by a modern day setting about a teen girl who falls asleep reading a scary magazine, but mostly told via her dreams, which are a series of stories that are set in the past, this is one of those films where everything actually means something else. So yes, put your thinking caps on and buckle in for metaphorical roller coaster. Putting aside the modern day setting (because it honestly doesn’t provide much until the end), the focus is all set in 18th century England. It’s the story of a young, maybe 13 year old girl (the age is important because the majority of the metaphors here are about the transition between young girl to woman.) She lives with her parents when her older sister is killed by wolves. While they grieve she stays with her grandmother, who is played by worldwide treasure Angela Lansbury, and her nana proceeds to give her warnings through stories. These stories are about how men are wolves and will take advantage of you, kill you, and all that. It’s warning after warning. But then there are other stories which make up segments, from the girl telling her mother a story, to her also telling a story to a unibrowed woodsman (uh oh.) All these stories kind of flow in and out through the main story, which is also a dream, in another story. Phew… Tired yet? Yeah, there’s a lot going on here, but overall it’s just a cool experience. You may not pick up on every single thing, but the overall makes it worth it. There are some amazing wolf transformation scenes, including one major one at a dinner party that is the centerpiece of the show in my opinion. If you’re looking for something a bit odd, something more of a fairy tale fantasy/horror scenario, and something very ethereal and dreamlike, The Company of Wolves is a great 80’s version of that.

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