10/12/19 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #12 – Satan’s Slaves.

Man, I can’t seem to escape this Hell/Devil/Satan streak, can I? A few days ago I wrote about Hell House, LLC. Yesterday I did the bonkers throwback, Hellraiser III. Now, I’m heading back to the devil. Today it’s all about the deliciously haunting Indonesian terror flick, Satan’s Slaves. First off, do NOT dismiss this movie because of its seemingly C-level title. I’m not sure if it was the translation, or if in the Indonesian culture it doesn’t have the same silly feel, but I think the title does this film a disservice. Because this isn’t some petty schlock (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Rather, this is a very well constructed, meticulously crafted, and extremely thoughtful horror film. Plus, it has some incredible scares. Satan’s Slaves came as a bit of a surprise. I found it on Shudder (there it is again), and took a chance. I had no clue that what I was going to watch would be so damn scary. Satan’s Slaves is a bit tricky to sum up because there is a lot going on, but basically it follows a family struggling to keep it all together following the death of their mother. She was a famous singer, and basically the entire financial foundation. After she dies, the father of the family leaves to go sell the house and leaves the kids home alone with their grandmother. That’s when everything goes to terrifying hell. Not only are they out in the middle of the country alone, but soon the power goes out too. Queue tons of scary-ass scenes. And all sorts of weird hauntings begin to happen. The mother’s spirit seems to still be haunting the family. Other strange people keep showing up outside their doors. There appear to be people coming back from the dead outside in the darkness? Then you get into some cult territory. This movie has numerous twists and turns. But the thing I loved the most, and I know I’ve said this before regarding foreign films, but while the territory of ghosts, satan-worshippers, zombies, whatever, may seem played out in our culture, when you watch how other cultures create them it’s like watching these same tropes in an entirely new light. Much like Aterrados from a few days ago, Satan’s Slaves feels completely fresh because of the culture. The religion is different. The settings are different. Everything just feels different. And when movies start to blend together, that’s a damn good thing. You’ll love this movie.

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