10/7/19 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #7 – Ready Or Not.

Yesterday’s movie upset a lot of viewers because of disturbing themes that can trigger a lot of people. Today, I’m going the complete other direction. I honestly can’t think of a more purely entertaining, and just fun as hell, movie I saw in 2019 than Ready or Not. No one is going to be triggered by this film. No one is going to be haunted by this film. You’re just going to have a complete blasty-blast laughing and cheering at the crazy antics. Ready or Not follows a bride about to marry her Prince Charming, who happens to belong to an extremely wealthy family of game makers. They’ve built a massive fortune making board games throughout generations. After the wedding, before the couple can consummate the marriage, the eccentric family has a tradition where whenever someone new enters their fold, they all have to play a random game together. Well, our bride’s chosen game is Hide and Seek. Everyone freaks out (except the delightfully evil murderous aunt) and we discover that this version of Hide and Seek is a little different. Here, the family now has to, well, hunt down and kill the bride before dawn. The reasons, and who’s okay with it, and who isn’t, all plays out in fun ways, but that’s for you to discover. What makes Ready or Not work so well is because of its playful tone. There’s a jauntiness to it that’s infectious. Sure there are moments of extreme violence. But it’s all played out with comedy. I laughed out loud at the screen so many times it’s ridiculous. There are numerous reasons to love this movie. The sets are gorgeous. The film is shot with such a keen attention to detail. Although, the real ace in the hole here is the cast. Every single actor is amazing (including Andie MacDowell and Adam Brody), but none more than the bride, Samara Weaving. I’ve loved her for YEARS in all of her horror films, and hopefully this movie thrusts her to yet another level. She deserves to be huge and I hope she is. Honestly, Ready or Not is just about as much fun as you can have with a horror film, and you’ll enjoy every single second.

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