10/6/19 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #6 – The Perfection.

Time for another polarizing pick! Hooray! I’m putting my boxing gloves on for this one because I’m ready to rumble. The Perfection has been called feminist propaganda. It’s been disregarded as derogatory (for reasons I can’t state since it will ruin a major plot point.) It’s been in trouble for a heap of other reasons, but I’m here to say I find all of those arguments moot. I loved this movie. I felt like I had heard about it for ages while it made the festival rounds, but I never got a chance to see it there. Everyone kept saying to not read anything and watch it blind. Thank goodness by the time it finally hit Netflix, I was able to do that. I luckily went in to The Perfection not knowing at all what I was about to see, and for that reason this movie worked the socks off me. It was surprising and twisty around so many corners, and the only way that works is to keep blinders on in regards to reviews and even trailers. Hell, even the teaser that runs when you hover over the tile on Netflix reveals too damn much. But I digress… The Perfection follows a child prodigy cellist who attended a famous music academy, but had to drop out to take care of her ailing mother. Years later after her mother finally dies, she seeks to come back to the prestigious school and hopefully pick up where she left off. The problem is that now there’s a new child prodigy cellist that has taken her place. These two women cellists meet at the beginning, and form a close, sexual relationship. And it’s here where I will stop explaining any more plot. Because this is where the roller coaster ride begins… I’m telling you, if you think you know where The Perfection is going to go, you’re wrong. It goes to places no one would ever imagine, and sadly, by me even saying that, I’ve given away too much. I will say there are a few moments that requires a thick skin. There are a few extremely disturbing themes that I should warn you about, as well as some brutal violence. But if you know you have the right stomach for disturbing material, push through. You’ll be rewarded with a bizarre mind-bender of a flick that ends in a place you never would have ever thought possible. The performances are incredible. The music is phenomenal. The overall look and feel of the entire thing is made with extreme skill. I know this movie upset a LOT of people, but I’m here to sing its praises. I think it’s amazing, and bet many of you will too.

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