10/5/19 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #5 – Dead and Buried (1981).

I’m going to stick with my beloved 80’s, and delve into what I think is a fun, under-appreciated romp. Dead & Buried isn’t talked about much when people speak of 80’s horror films, but I think that should change. Dead & Buried is a damn good time, and at its core, a mystery. Basically it all boils down to “What is going on in the small town of Potter’s Bluff?” The movie begins with a series of murders being committed against visitors to the town. And the extremely violent murders are being done by a large mob of seemingly normal folks that live and work in the town. From there we follow the Sheriff as he tries to figure it all out, leading to many twists and turns. To be honest, this movie feels equally as much of a feature-length Twilight Zone episode as it does a horror flick. Since half the fun of the film is figuring out everything, I won’t ruin it all here. I mean, to be honest, it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it’s still pretty damn unique, especially for the time period. The major thing that I remember about this movie are the effects, and there’s a reason. They were all done by FX God Stan Winston of Alien, Predator, Terminator (and everything else) fame. The sequence that focuses on the mortician and his “fixing” the destroyed bodies is absolutely transfixing, even by today’s standards. I mean, there are some great effects showcased here, everything from faces being melted by acid, to some serious burn effects. Plus, as a funky little bonus, Robert Englund, Freddy Krueger himself, even has a very small role as one of the murderous townspeople. It’s always fun to see famous horror peeps in earlier, smaller roles. Anyway, look, if you love 80’s flicks as much as I do, you understand the wackiness and imagination they usually contain. Dead & Buried is definitely one of those 80’s flicks that shouldn’t be forgotten. It’s a damn fun time with a lot of originality.

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