10/4/19 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #4 – Basket Case (1982).

Okay, okay, okay, the last three picks were all recent films, as well as ones that really affected me in the previous year. Now it’s time to just go with some trash. But not just trash, but some grindhouse trash from my beloved 80’s. Today we’re going old, grimy, and quite frankly, gross. This film also affected me years and years ago, but in a completely different way. Basically, I couldn’t believe what the hell I was watching. Sometimes that’s exactly the type of bizarre escape I need. Today’s pick is Frank Henenlotter’s exploitative grindhouse filth, Basket Case. Oh boy, where to start with this one? Well, the plot circles around a naive country boy who comes to the gritty big city with a large picnic basket in tow. What’s in the basket you ask? Oh, just his extremely deformed, forcibly separated, murderous siamese twin named Belial, whom he can speak with telepathically. After the two check into one of the most decrepit hotels you can imagine they begin their quest to locate and kill the doctors that separated them against their will. But things get a little complex when the normal human twin, Duane, starts up a relationship with a woman, and Belial gets jealous. Here’s the deal, when you read that synopsis, you know what you’re getting into. So don’t come at me with, “that movie is revolting” comments. Because guess what? It is. That’s its entire point. But I’ll be damned if you won’t be entertained as hell. I mean, this movie is CHEAP. The stop-motion animation of Belial is hilarious. The settings (and many actors) are so filthy and gross, you can practically smell them through the screen. There is some amazing over-the-top gore. This movie has everything you expect from grindhouse filth, and so much more. There are moments that will confuse the everlasting hell out of you. Just wait for the telepathic glowing eyes bit. Or the overly long, full male nudity, streaking through the city section. And don’t get me started on the ending. Dear lord almighty, that ending… Guaranteed to offend. Anyway, if this is the type of gross flick you’re in the mood for, you’ll love it. If anything, it’s fun to see the super seedy NYC of the early 80’s exactly as it was. So damn filthy.

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