10/28/18 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #28 – Revenge (2017).

People who aren’t serious horror fans just think all horror is horror, that it’s all under the same umbrella. But we true fans know there are endless sub-genres under the overall “genus” of Horror. The breakdowns start broadly in known categories like supernatural, slasher, monster, etc. But when you get further down there are a ton more niche sub-genres. Now I admit, one of these niche sub-genres that for the most part I don’t really enjoy is the “rape-revenge” category. While I can respect a few of the classic ones like 1972’s Last House on the Left, I don’t have much room for films like I Spit on Your Grave. This is a much longer discussion, but I simply don’t enjoy the experience. It glamorizes too much of the brutality and awfulness, and never feels like it rings true from the female perspective. Well, I’m about to change all that with this brutal little flick I saw at Sundance called Revenge. Revenge works with its own spin on the “rape-revenge” sub-genre because of one huge reason — it was written and directed by a woman. Revenge begins the same way many of these types of movies do, with a woman, seemingly shallow and weak, being victimized by a sleaze ball. A girlfriend (or as you’ll find out, mistress) joins her rich gentleman lover on a hunting trip in the middle of nowhere. In fact it takes a helicopter to even get them there. Yep, isolation central. No help anywhere on the horizon. When a couple of his sleazy buddies join, well, shit goes horribly wrong. Things go from bad to worse when she topples off a cliff and left for dead. But here’s where Revenge goes off the rails amazing. Instead of the first impression of her, which was that of a shallow, weak mistress, she quickly reveals her hidden traits of being a survivor BADASS. I really don’t want to ruin any of the twists or surprises, but the trajectory she goes on and what transpires from here is nothing short of amazing. Revenge flips the script on the rape-revenge sub-genre and actually manages to make one hell of a crowd pleasing adventure with a true feminist spin. It’s visually intoxicating with a lot of flourish, but beware that there are a few scenes of wince-worthy gore, so be prepared. But man, if you can handle it, the insane bloody climax of this film will stick with you for a while. Even if you feel like I do and don’t usually like this kind of movie, trust me, Revenge is worth your time.

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