10/26/18 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #26 – Torso.

Churchgoers may want to skip today’s post. We’re going to get grimy. We’re going to get down in the mud and delightfully wallow in its filth. Grab your mask, grab your strangulation scarf, and grab your hacksaw. It’s time… for Torso. The original title was Carnal Violence, but Torso just happens to be one of my favorite horror movie titles EVER. The basic plot revolves around solving the killings and dismemberment of numerous women around a college campus. Pretty simple on the surface, but there’s a lot more going on here. This 1974 Italian gem revels in its dirtiness like a pig in shit, and I love it for that reason. A must-watch for lovers of Grindhouse and Giallo films. In fact, Torso is one of the ultimate Giallo films. The reason I say its one of the ultimate is pretty easy. Go down the checklist of all the factors that make a Giallo, and you have them here in spades. Unseen killer, check. Killer wears black gloves, check. Mystery whodunnit of who the killer is until the end, check. Countless strangulations, check. Insane amounts of violence, check. Super bright red blood, check. Now… where most Giallo’s are content with some sex, in Torso everything in the entire film deals with sex. Everyone’s either having sex, just had sex, or about to have sex. There are threeways (in fact, the opening scene is a threeway), lesbian sex, group sex, you name it. Nudity is just as constant as the violence. Okay, I see I’ve lost some of you. It’s okay goodie-goodies, you can go pray. But for the rest of us sinners, here’s the deal about Torso. What could have been pure exploitation alone, is actually a fantastic film. There is a great twisty plot, some suspense that is out of this world, great 70’s music, a few scenes of such shock that I can only imagine what people thought back then, and a slam dunk of a third act. One thing I’ve heard people talk about (and rightly so) is that at the moments of extreme violence, you can tell that the violence has switched to a dummy and looks “fake”. But I’m here to give another explanation. They don’t look like dummies, they look like… dolls. Now with that knowledge in your head, talk to me after you watch the film when everything is explained. It makes you look at all the extreme violence in SUCH a different way, and personally I think it’s a stroke of genius. Definitely not for everyone, but for fans of Giallo’s like me, Torso is a MUST watch.

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