10/24/18 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #24 – Night of the Comet (1984).

Here we are again, soaking in my 80’s hot tub of happiness. This time the warm water is all about 1984’s one of a kind, campy horror/comedy, Night of the Comet. It’s funny, before October even begins I come up with my choices for the month. I leave a little wiggle room for some new releases, but for the most part it’s pretty locked in. Night of the Comet was due to be on this list right here on Oct 24. In a bizarre coincidence, just yesterday I read that Night of the Comet is getting a remake. Crazy timing. Although, this flick deserves a remake because it’s so damn strange and fun. It could really work with a modern twist. The movie begins with news of a massive comet set to fly by, and the entire world is amped on seeing it. People are hosting comet watch parties. Peddlers are selling comet hats and paraphernalia. This is like New Years Eve x100. Well, wouldn’t you know it, that darn comet is a cosmic death beam. Everyone who caught its rays dead on, turn to dust (no, they literally turn to dust, which is both creepy and hilarious). But then there’s another tier of people that only caught the rays halfway, and well, they turn into cannibal zombie freaks. That leaves a lot of trouble for the few remaining people that somehow escaped all the comet’s power, and now those survivors are in a desperate fight for survival. Like a lot of the films I love (and many on these lists), Night of the Comet is chock full of so much 80’s it physically hurts. The shopping malls, the fashion, the lingo, the hair, the makeup, the music and especially the bonkers storylines. This is pure 80’s, through and through. A perfect example is how our two main girls deal with the fact that almost all of society is gone. What do they do to pass the time? They go on a clothing shopping spree in an abandoned mall! Woohoo! But watch out for the cannibal guys in sunglasses because they’re gonna eat ya right up. Yes, this is but one scenario in this madness. I haven’t even gotten to the abandoned radio station they call home, the doomsday doctors, the blood transfusion subplot, or any of the other maniacal cannibal zombie goodness. Night of the Comet is over the top crazy 80’s fun and shouldn’t be as overlooked as it has been. Although with the upcoming news of a remake, maybe this insanity will garner a whole slew of new fans. It deserves it.

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