10/23/18 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #23 – Mandy.

Once again I’m mixing it up. After giving you an “all-audience” crowd pleaser yesterday with A Quiet Place, I’m going back to a niche audience flick today. Oh, Mandy. Mandy is one of those movies that you’re either going to love or HATE. Vehemently. Not much middle ground here. I was lucky enough to see it at Sundance earlier this year, and man, I had a downright blast. There are a few things you should know about Mandy. First, it’s utter madness, so prepare yourself. Second, with all the bold colors and psychedelic visuals it feels like you’re actually on LSD, as well as watching the entire movie through an Instagram filter. And third, this movie might have the most ultimate Nicholas Cage scene of all time. As a Cage lover, I don’t say that lightly either. This is 100% MAXIMUM CAGE. For those of you who don’t quite know what you’re getting into, Mandy is set in the early 80’s and follows a simple lumberjack who wants nothing more than a peaceful life in the mountains with his girlfriend. Sadly, his girlfriend becomes the focus of a drug and sex-crazed cult leader and, well, shit gets bad. Next thing you know you’re following Cage on a a nightmare-fueled revenge trek straight into Hell as he attempts to track down and kill every person who did him wrong. But man, it’s not that simple. Besides the cult itself, there’s an army of weird LSD drug gangs that are almost half-demons and feel no pain. Formidable foes to say the least. But luckily Cage crafts the single coolest handmade axe of all time (in a fantastic 80’s throwback sequence) to help hand out the damage. There is so much insanity in this movie it’s hard to explain it all. And I haven’t even mentioned the cheddar goblin yet. Yes. The CHEDDAR GOBLIN. Oh man, I loved this movie. I will say it’s a bit long in the tooth and could easily have 20 minutes shaved off its run time. But good luck finding a more entertaining, bizarre and absolutely original revenge flick starring Nicholas Cage in tighty whiteys wielding a massive axe. Team Mandy all the way.

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