10/17/18 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #17 – Stephanie.

Yesterday I said that for the next few days I was going to do some back-to-back films that shared something in common. The first pair have a female character as the title, which obviously means we’re mostly focusing on them. Yesterday was the more pure horror of the two with Veronica. Today, I’m going with the stranger and odder of the two, Stephanie. This movie was a complete surprise for me, which is exactly what it needs to be in order to work. Again, right up front I’ll give another warning — Do Not Read Any Reviews. If you want this flick to fully hit you, you have to go in cold. I guess that means you might want to stop reading here too, but I won’t give any spoilers, so it’s up to you. Stephanie is about a young girl that has been left all alone in her house following some kind of global event that has killed a majority of the population. We follow her day-to-day life all by herself, how she exists, and how she passes the time. That would be all fine and good, except, well, there’s something haunting the house she’s in. Not only is she all by herself, but she has to deal with this ominous presence too. And that’s pretty much all I’ll say. Since the majority of the time we’re only following one character, that actress better be good. And it’s a kid, so it’s an even trickier proposition. Lucky for us, that is exactly why this film works. This young actress is amazing. You’re encapsulated by her every move, and you truly care for her. I obviously have an affinity toward films that are extremely polarizing, because this is another one has divided audiences right down the middle. Some people hate this movie, but who cares. I dug it. I love movies that are a bit left of center, try something new, or make you feel uncomfortable. This one manages to do all three. It’s not a typical horror film. It’s not a typical story. But it’s a great little mystery with some real scares, and some twists and turns that will keep you guessing. Limited location, limited cast, limited budget, and still extremely interesting. Go ahead and give it a try. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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