10/13/18 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #13 – Death Spa.

With my wife working in the fitness industry, this one holds a special place in my heart. Oh Death Spa, how much do I love you? You’re such a scum. You’re so dumb. But you’re so much damn fun. Like many of my favorites, you condense so much 80’s nostalgia into your 90 minutes that my cup runneth over. Death Spa is a (mostly) under the radar slasher flick that is equal parts awesome and hilarious. It’s about a gym where mysterious deaths keep taking place. But this isn’t any ordinary gym, where’s the fun in that? This is the gym of the FUTURE, where everything is hooked up to a master computer and is fully automated. Well, if films like Chopping Mall have taught us anything, it’s that of course this automation is going to turn against you. Only, here with Death Spa, you have a surprisingly intricate plot about why it’s happening. It’s not a simple computer glitch. No, this spa of death has some supernatural goings on causing all the mischief. There are all sorts of plot points about the death of the spa owner’s wife, her twin brother that blames the owner for her death (there were SO many twin plots in the 80’s!), and the owner’s need to move on from her death. There’s actually a lot more story-wise (surprising for a movie called Death Spa), but let’s be honest here, this movie is all about the kills. And yep, the kills are fantastic. The gore fx is some of the best you’ll see for the late 80’s. They utilize pretty much everything you’d think of in a computer-run futuristic gym. There are weight machines that go haywire, steam rooms that become boiling pots, even diving boards aren’t safe. But let me tell you, all of these are just warm ups for an epic 3rd act where all hell breaks loose (the frozen fish scene is worth a view alone). This is exactly why we watch these types of movies. This is the ultimate get a bunch of pals together, grab some adult beverages, and enjoy the hell out of it, type of movie. All the amazing 80’s gym garb, like skimpy leotards and leg warmers just add to it all. And the cherry on top is horror icon Ken Foree in a small role as well. I”m telling you, Death Spa has it all. I mean, look at the poster! How can you turn that movie down?

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