10/8/18 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #8 – The Nun.

I guess I’m just on a religious kick. Yesterday I did The Church. Today I’m doing The Nun. Well, I’m not actually doing th– …ok, nevermind. Moving on. Anyway, today’s movie is The Nun. I always like to find a few flicks that you can still see in the theaters every year, and here’s one that breaking the current box office. Spun off from The Conjuring universe, which are a few of my absolute favorite recent horror films (Here are the links to my write-ups on The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2). But interestingly, The Nun is the highest grossing one of them all. And frankly, I can see why. It’s just a simple, old school, entertaining scare fest. It knows it’s basically a scary nun movie and it leans into that fact, hard. After I saw this film I joked that it really should be called, “Scary Nuns Disappear Then Reappear Behind You: The Movie.” It is a bit of a one-trick pony, but sometimes if that pony’s trick is awesome, that’s all you need. And here, it’s a damn fine pony trick. The Nun is also a favorite scenario of mine in that it’s a period piece. I LOVE period horror films (in fact, I’m devveloping one now). They feel much more unique and scarier to me. You don’t have to worry about modern technology and just lose yourself in the basic fear and the isolation. Here, it’s the isolation of a convent/castle clear out in the middle of nowhere that is said to be cursed. When a priest and a young nun are chosen to go check things out, well, you guessed it, bad shit happens. I really should call this blog “Bad Shit Happens” since I use that phrase so much. Regardless, The Nun is not just a simple cash in. It’s a scary good time with some great acting, and a interesting little connection to The Conjuring franchise. Sometimes all you want is an entertaining scare factory with a lot of dark tunnels, spooky nuns and 999 jump scares. It’s the kind of movie that is served best in a theater with a bunch of pals. Check it out that way if you can and I guarantee you’ll have a ball.

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