2018 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICKS – The 9th Year Begins.


Oh Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, I hear your genius in my head constantly.

And away we go with 2018’s October Horror Picks. After nine years, this little “intro” post might be a tad repetitive for many of you. But luckily, we gain eyeballs to this list every year, so I have to repeat a lot of the same. Deal with it.

First a little background on me for those of you who don’t really know.

Hey, I’m Jeff. I love horror movies. Like, a lot. I have basically lived and breathed horror flicks ever since I was a kid. It was my little way of rebelling while growing up in a very conservative and religious small town. Although, here’s something many of you might be surprised by, I am also the most susceptible to horror movies. I jump like crazy. Yes, jump scares MURDER me like a 10-year old watching Jaws the first time. I’m constantly tempted to look away or watch through my fingers like many of you. In fact, horror films probably scare and affect me more than most of you who won’t watch them because of the excuse I hear constantly — “I get nightmares.”

Guess what? I get nightmares too.

The difference is I LOVE nightmares. I LOVE being terrified. I LOVE that adrenaline rush of anxiety and fear. It’s my version of a roller coaster where I get to feel the same sensation from my couch. I ask you, if I wasn’t affected by horror films, why would I keep watching them with such fervent adoration? I love them. I feel them. I worship them.

The thing is, I love ALL types of horror films. Classics, modern, mainstream, obscure, domestic, foreign, you name it. I love masterpieces as well as what some would consider pieces of shit. My sweet spot has always been 80’s horror, something you’ve heard from me ad nauseam. My friends mock me saying I like everything, but hell I don’t care. I’d much rather find something good in everything I watch than constantly focus on the bad. I feel lucky that way.

This whole list started because, as a horror writer, every October/Halloween season a million people ask me for a scary movie recommendation. To make things a bit easier, I decided to create a single place where I could direct folks. A place where there’s a little something for everyone. Thus, my October Horror Movie Pick list was born. **If you want to catch up on previous years’ lists, simply click on the DATABASE link on the top of the page, or I guess you could just click right here.

The concept is simple. Every day in October I pick a horror movie that I enjoy. That is the key… these are movies that I ENJOY. These are not always critical choices. If you want that, go elsewhere. These are simply one weirdo’s opinions. My taste runs the entire gamut of horror so there will be masterpieces and garbage mixed together like a Long Island Iced Tea from Hell. Some of my choices will be to your liking. Many won’t… at all. But that’s the fun of it. Although, the guarantee I make every year is that I know I’ll show you at least ONE movie you’ll dig. I promise you that.

My other mission I have every year is to hopefully get at least one more newbie to watch Martyrs (the original, don’t talk to me about the remake) without reading or hearing too much about it beforehand (see October 31, 2010.)

Lastly, PLEASE CHIME IN!!! I love hearing your opinions! It’s far more fun that way. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, or right here in the comments section of this blog. Let me know what you think, when you agree with my choices, or (more entertainingly) when you don’t.

And now, as of tomorrow… let the 2018 horror viewing COMMENCE.

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