10/30/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #30 – The Beyond (1981).

It’s Halloween Eve. Time for some Lucio Fulci. Although, this ain’t just any old Fulci. This is Fulci at his absolute finest. The Beyond is a creepy masterpiece. If you care about horror in the least and haven’t seen this film, make it your next viewing. It’s such a trippy, brain-explosion of a movie. The Beyond opens with an amazing sequence that takes place in 1927 Louisiana. A artist boarded at a hotel is accused of being a practitioner of the dark arts, is brutally crucified by an angry mob, and is covered in some kind of molten rock that seals him in stone to the caverns below the hotel. Well, fast forward to 1981 where a woman inherits the old hotel and decides to refurbish it and reopen it. Only problem is that pesky crucified rock man is still below, and everything starts to go wrong. Come to find out, all of this is because this hotel is buried over one of the entrances to Hell itself. Yep, another Hell movie! I was so excited to write about As Above So Below yesterday because of it being a Hell movie, but that one is so softball compared to this mind-melter. The Beyond is utterly bonkers. The combination of incredible Frizzi music, the over-the-top extreme gore that Fulci is known for, and all the off-putting imagery and cringe-worthy visuals that Fulci has decided Hell is capable of make for a slam dunk of a mental beatdown. Speaking of the gore and imagery, it would take far more paragraphs to list it all, but man oh man… If the description of the opening scene wasn’t enough, then how about a woman’s head being slammed onto a spike forcing her eye to pop out (Fulci LOVES his disgusting eye gags, as there are a couple more in this film alone), or tarantulas ripping open a man’s face in extreme close up views, or even a woman entire face being slowly melted away by acid while her daughter watches. And yet, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This is Fulci. This is extreme. And to this day, I still claim it has one of the most haunting final images in a film, ever. I get shivers even thinking about it now. If you love Hell movies like me, and are ready for the Fulci experience of disturbing images and extreme gore, The Beyond will make your head spin… in a good way. Enjoy.

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