10/28/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #28 – 1922.

Earlier this week I posted about Gerald’s Game, one of the two new Netflix-exclusive Stephen King film adaptations. Today, I’m so happy to write about the other one,1922. 1922 is the type of film that, much like Gerald’s Game, feels far more appropriate watching at home. It’s a subtle, slow-paced, period piece that is more concerned with atmosphere and mood than jump scares and flashy setpieces. If you enjoy this type of dramatic methodical build, then this movie is definitely for you. 1922 is about a simple farmer living a simple farming life out in the cornfields of Nebraska. All he cares about is his land and his boy. His wife has other plans that include a divorce and a move to the city. When his wife inherits 100 acres of land, she plans to sell it, move, and take their son. But there’s no way this farmer can lose everything he’s known, so his only solution is to kill her. As we all know from past stories, things can only go downhill from here. Yet, because it’s Stephen King, the threats are not the typical “cops are on your tail” scenario (although there is a bit of that), but rather here the threats are far more sinister. Let’s just say if you have a fear of rats, stay far, FAR away from this baby. There are rats aplenty. Other than all the creepy rat moments, one of the biggest things I can recommend about this film is the central performance. I’ve always loved Thomas Jane. He’s always been one of those actors that I just love to watch on screen, and yet not always sure why. This movie sealed the “why”. Here, he’s incredible. He’s also practically unrecognizable. In fact, it took me about 10 minutes into the film before I actually realized that was him. His performance as the basic farmer that “listened to the other man inside him” keeps you enthralled every second. I love period horror movies, and I’m so glad to see Netflix helping the cause. 1922 is a nice, slow-paced, VERY slow burn of a dramatic horror film, and if this, mixed with a period piece, is your speed, you’ll love this film.

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