10/26/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #26 – The Boy (2016).

Hopefully by reading this blog over the years you realize that I am NOT a horror snob in any way. I like every type of horror. I dig anything from obscure French gross-out films, to B&W classics, to made-for-$5 indies, all the way to made-for-the-masses studio features. If something entertains me in some way, that’s all that matters. Normally, I will say that the PG-13 studio films are a bit lower on my totem pole, mainly because they usually are just too softball and I can feel the “trying to please all the quadrants” mentality. Yet, The Boy is a studio feature from last year that I had a ball with. It’s a smart and fun flick with some great twists and turns. First of all, as with any film that has a basic title like this, let’s make sure we’re talking about the right film. There was another quite disturbing film called The Boy that came out in 2015 about a messed-up real kid. This is the The Boy that came out in 2016 and features a creepy doll. This film is about an American nanny that gets a job in England working for a family to watch over their “son.” But when she gets there she discovers that the “son” isn’t actually a child, but rather a life-sized doll that resembles their son. The couple treats it like a real child as a way of coping with the death of their real son twenty years previous. The parents leave and the nanny is given a specific list of rules to follow. Well, let’s just say as she starts to break some of the rules, things happen, and suddenly it appears the doll may actually be alive. It’s a twisted and weird little mystery that appears simple on the surface, but packs a punch by the end. I won’t ruin anything for you, but the third act of this film is spectacular. There are some great jump scares and creepy moments throughout, but that ending rules. Lauren Cohen from Walking Dead is amazing, but that damn doll steals the show. Man, I love this recent rash of doll horror movies lately. This one may seem like just another one on the surface, but trust me, it has a whole other layer to it that I appreciated quite a bit. The Boy is a PG-13 studio feature that may be a slow burn at first, but give it time and you’ll have a smile on your face by the closing credits I guarantee.

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