10/17/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #17 – Murder Party.

A few days ago when I wrote about Green Room, praising director Jeremy Saulnier, I hinted that I was going to be putting another of his movies on this list a little later. Well, here you go! I bring you the absolutely hilarious Murder Party, his very first directing effort. Now, if you’ve already watched Green Room or Blue Ruin, alter your expectations. You might be initially confused when you watch this movie compared to those beasts. While those were grippingly suspenseful and as dark and brutal as can be, this movie is silly, light, funny, and well, I guess still pretty damn dark and brutal. This is more like early Peter Jackson (Bad Taste, Meet The Feebles) than his later Lord of the Rings, King Kong stuff. Murder Party is a super micro-budgeted, bonkers, delightful treat. I have such a soft spot for this movie because it makes me laugh so hard. It’s just insane with some of the greatest moments of nonsensical levity. Murder Party is about a loner who happens upon a mysterious invitation to a Halloween “Murder Party.” He’s so lonely and has nothing else to do so he figures, what the hell, and he goes. But not before he hand-makes an epic knight costume from a cardboard box and a welcome gift of raisin pumpkin bread. Upon his arrival to the unknown address at an abandoned warehouse, well, shit gets bad. And by bad, I mean absolutely freaking hilarious. Murder Party is not to be taken seriously, and is obviously a satire of the entire art world, but holy crap is it entertaining. There isn’t a second where you are bored, and that is a difficult feat to attain sometimes on these micro-budgeted features. You can tell this baby was made for like $5, and it doesn’t matter in the least. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how much production value they end up with in the 3rd act. It builds to a much larger film than the first two acts lead you to believe. There is an insane amount of comedy, some moments of extreme gore that come out of nowhere, some epic Halloween costumes, and the best damn game of drug-induced truth or dare ever. And it may have one of my personal favorite makeup jobs ever when something really horrific and hilarious happens to one of the characters. All I will hint at is that it deals with a werewolf mask, a fire, and well, a combining of the two. Murder Party rules, and for those of you that love twisted hilarious dark comedies with a serious gore edge, you will love this film. And yet, you won’t believe it’s from the man who brought you Green Room or Blue Ruin, which is kind of what makes it awesome.


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