10/12/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #12 – Beyond The Gates.

Okay, so sometimes I like to pick a movie that is just kinda goofy. Maybe it didn’t have the biggest budget. Maybe it has its fair share of flaws. But what I love about Beyond The Gates is that it has such a good fanboy heart, that you can’t help but have a joyful time watching it. I have a serious soft spot for this movie. It is VHS nostalgia wrapped up in a delightful little caring package. Beyond The Gates is about two estranged brothers that have to return back to their hometown to close and pack up their family video store. It closed because their father, who ran it, has disappeared and now thought to be dead. The two brothers couldn’t be opposite each other. One is the slacker ne’er do well, while the other is the prim and proper businessman. While packing up and bickering along the way, the find their way into their father’s always-locked office. Inside they find an old VHS board game called Beyond The Gates, and of course they decide to play it. Well, that’s where shit goes downhill. But downhill is such a fun ride! Like I said before, Beyond The Gates is nostalgia overload. Its basic premise circles around those amazing VHS board games that we all had and played. NIGHTMARE was my favorite! But you’ve also got the entire video store scenario. Just seeing the character wander around an amazing, old school video store brings up all the feels for me. I worked in one for four years, and man does it bring up great vibes. But also, let’s talk about the host of Beyond The Gates. It’s none other than scream queen Barbara Crampton! Makes me want to watch Re-Animator again. Look, Beyond The Gates isn’t trying to be Shakespeare. It’s not trying to be anything else other than a low budget, damn good time. Overlook a few minor things and focus on the good. There are some fantastic PRACTICAL effects of major gore. There are some really fun moments of VHS gameplay, searching for keys and whatnot. I really enjoy Chase Williamson as an actor, and thought he was amazing in John Dies At The End. Plus, it’s all wrapped up in that nostalgia bow. If this kind of goofy entertainment sounds like it’s up your alley, then give it a spin.


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