10/11/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #11 – IT (2017).

Okay, okay, fine. You knew it had to happen. Every year I love to put a film or two in the mix that you can still see in theaters. Although, judging by the INCREDIBLE numbers this movie is pulling in, chances are you’ve already seen it… possibly even twice. You almost have to be buried in a hole for the past month if you haven’t heard of IT. It’s taken over pop culture for weeks now. And you know what, it deserves to. This movie was one where the hype was massive, and luckily for all of us, it lived up to every bit of it. Since most everyone knows what it’s about by now, I won’t dwell on the plot too much. Basically it’s about of “loser” kids that band together to take on an unnatural evil that comes in the form of a clown (usually.) Now yes, it has some great scares and Bill Skarsgard is a fantastic Pennywise. But to me, what truly made this movie special are the kids. The coming-of-age aspect of this story is so wonderfully nuanced that you feel for each and every one of those kids. Now, I’m one of the lucky ones that read Stephen King’s incredible book a long time ago, and was happy to see much of it given the right kind of treatment. Of course it’s more of a Cliff Notes version because the book is well over 1000 pages, but I think the feelings and relationships from the book are absolutely intact. The child actors are absolutely perfect. They are truly the reason this movie works so well. If there was one weak link in the mix, it wouldn’t work quite as well. But there isn’t. And if you think a studio film might hold back, it’s doesn’t. IT has some absolutely grueling and disturbing moments. Sure, there isn’t the famous sewer gangbang scene from the book (which I’m glad was omitted), but watch the Georgie murder scene and then you tell me if the studio held back. No way. It’s messed up. And that’s in the first 10 minutes! Look, there’s very little I can add here that hasn’t already been discussed at length by every critic, blogger, co-worker, friend and family member, but I’m just here to say if you are one of the few people in the world who HASN’T seen IT yet, make it a point to see it in the theater, exactly how it was meant to be seen.


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