10/9/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #9 – Maniac Cop (1988).

Back to my good ole 1980’s. A time when people could make any kind of weird action or horror movie they wanted, and they didn’t have to answer for anyone. This anything-goes mentality is exactly how an awesome film like Maniac Cop was born. Maniac Cop is about a cop that is killing innocent people for seemingly no reason whatsoever. He’s a maniac. He’s a cop. He’s Maniac Cop! But this cop isn’t just any old killer cop. No way. This cop is quite simply the best damn cop anyone’s ever seen. This is Matt Cordell. MATT. CORDELL. Only now, he’s on the wrong side of the law. Why you may ask? Oh, there’s a backstory that comes out. And in typical 80’s fashion, it only partially makes sense. But who cares. This movie is just nitty-gritty, down-and-dirty, exploitive, cop, action, 80’s, slasher goodness. Let’s talk actors. There’s Bruce Campbell. Yes, you heard me. Ash is here. There’s Tom effing Atkins, say no more. Oh, and just for good measure let’s throw in Richard Roundtree. Yep, Shaft is in the house. This baby is chock full of macho badassery. Did I mention that Maniac Cop has a nightstick with a long freakin’ knife inside it? Lots of slit throats. Lots of questionable acting mixed with amazing acting. Lots of really misguided and dangerous messages about not trusting cops, thus creating trigger-happy anti-cop civilians. Look, this film is just bonkers and awesome. Some might say it’s more action than horror, and yeah, that’s kind of true, but I’d say it’s the first cop slasher film. I’ve heard they’re currently doing a remake so I’m extremely curious how they update this to today’s day and age. Until that happens, just roll around in this grindhouse-y, 80’s, grimy awesome flick and enjoy the hell out of it.


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