10/7/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #7 – The Girl With All The Gifts.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Zombies. We get it. Enough. To that I say, if you can continue to present something fresh to me within the genre, I’ll watch zombie films until the day I become dust. The Girl With All the Gifts did just that. It presented something fantastic and original. I loved this film. It just feels smart and elevated. I know “elevated” is such a catchphrase in Hollywood right now, but in this case I feel it’s true. The Girl With All the Gifts opens with a young girl in a type of military prison. She, along with many other kids, are strapped down to chairs and treated like monsters. Only a schoolteacher is kind to any of them. At first you don’t realize why this is the case, but since it’s in all the advertising material, I’m not giving it away to say that it’s because the kids are infected with a zombie virus. They are essentially test subjects to find a cure. And that is where I will leave you. Because the film takes some crazy twists and turns that you will not expect. The acting is phenomenal, with Glenn Close and Gemma Arterton being standouts. But truly this is “the Girl’s” movie. The young girl played by Sennia Nanua is almost singlehandedly the reason to see this film. Her performance is so nuanced and gut-wrenching that she carries the entire film on her shoulders. Yes, it’s got great zombie and gore effects, some fantastic story turns, and wonderful suspense (the way the zombies “sleep” and how they must get through them is so utterly fantastic), but the standout is the young girl. If you love your zombie flicks with a bit more brains and complexity thrown in, you will love this film. It’s smart, it’s twisted, and in my opinion it’s got an ingenious ending.


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