10/6/17 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #6 – Green Room.

Horror comes in all forms. Horror doesn’t have to be as easy as a ghost or a boogeyman. Sometimes true horror comes from within humanity itself. For this reason Green Room might be one of the most horrifying films of the last few years. Sadly, white supremacists and neo-Nazi’s are back in the cultural conversation, and that is what this entire film revolves around. Green Room is about a struggling punk band that is trying to find a gig anywhere. Somehow they book a gig at a bar in the middle of the woods that’s completely run by, and for, white supremacists. Well, the band plays their show, but as they’re leaving, they open the wrong door… and see something they shouldn’t have. The terrifying men lock the band in the Green Room until they call their boss and figure out what to do with them. Oh man, if you want suspense that will make you rip the armrests of your chair, look no further. This movie is seriously condensed dread. I saw this at Sundance and it blew my effing mind. One of the violent and visceral films I’d seen in a long time. *Note* I’d heard that the cut I saw at Sundance was FAR more gory than the cut available now, which is a shame, but the suspense is still very much intact. The directing of this film is pitch perfect. It takes a skilled director to truly deliver dread and suspense on this level, and Jeremy Saulnier does it incredibly. If you haven’t seen his film Blue Ruin, see it now. It’s not horror, but it’s incredible (Oh, and spoiler alert I just may have another of his films on this list later.) Plus, the acting. Holy lord. One of my favorite humans in the world and remarkable nice man, Patrick Stewart becomes the most horrifying human ever. Plus, you’ve got Anton Yelchin in one of very last roles. Such a shame. Anyway, just trust me on this one. This is one of the best movies of this past year. Even with some of the pivotal and otherworldly brutal violence removed, it will still punch you in the face. I guarantee it.

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