2017 OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICKS – Year #8 Begins Tomorrow!

8 Years.

I’ve been doing this for 8 years…

That’s just bonkers.

Yep, I’m back with my “October Horror Movie Picks” for 2017. To all the faithful readers, welcome back my friends! To any newcomers, you’re in for a treat.

As per typical, I’ll explain the origin of this list for the newcomers. I write horror movies. I love horror movies. I live and breathe horror movies. Because of this every October/Halloween season pretty much everyone I know asks me my advice on a scary movie to watch. And while I absolutely LOVE talking about horror flicks and giving people my own personal recommendations, I decided I’d finally create a place I could direct them for time and all (Internet) eternity. And thus, my October Horror Movie Pick list was born.

The concept is simple. Every day in October I give you a horror movie that I enjoy. That is the key here… these are movies that I ENJOY. This is not a list of critic choices. If you want that, go elsewhere. Seek out stupid, stupid Rotten Tomatoes (another post for another day.) These picks are all simply my bizarre little opinions. Some of the picks are masterpieces. Some are shit. But guess what, I love all of it. My taste runs the entire gamut of horror. Some of my choices will be to your liking. Many of them will wonder why I wasted calories even typing about it. Hopefully, at the very least it will be entertaining.

As usual, my picks will be a mix of classics, new releases, and everything in between (the 80’s will always be my favorite.) I do this because not only does my taste vary, but so does every single person’s out there. I try to encompass all flavors. My guarantee stands that I know I’ll show you at least ONE movie you’ll dig out of these 31 (but don’t watch Rob Zombie’s 31, that movie is not very good.) My other attempt is a pledge I make every year… Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get at least one newbie to watch Martyrs (the original, NOT the American remake, see October 31, 2010.)

Let’s make this interactive. Please chime in! Give me your opinions on my stupid opinions! It’s far more fun that way. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, or right here in the comments section of this blog. Let me know what you think, when you agree with my choices, or (more entertainingly) when you don’t.

Let the bathering stop, and let the 2017 horror viewing… BEGIN.

Well, tomorrow.

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