10/28/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #28 – Train to Busan.


Yes, I’m aware this one is not out for home viewing yet. But I put this absolutely incredible film on here for a few reasons. First, this list comes to its 2016 end in only a few days (*sniff) and I figured it’d be a nice thing to do to put something on here that you could look forward to watching in the next month or so. It’s forward thinking, people! But mainly, I couldn’t help myself because this film FREAKING ROCKS YOUR WORLD. Just when you thought you were done with zombies, and that well had been drained of all originality and substance at this point, along comes Train to Busan. Train to Busan is like a shot of adrenaline that never lets up. The story follows a father taking his daughter on a high-speed bullet train to Busan. But unbeknownst to them, well, the entire country around them has broken down into chaos. Some kind of virus turns people rabid and sadly one of them has gotten on to the train. What follows is an insane zombie roller coaster ride that never lets you catch you breath. There’s a great array of well fleshed out characters from all classes of people, young and old, rich and poor. There’s definitely a class warfare aspect to this film, which adds an interesting layer. If some of this sounds familiar, it should. There are many similarities here to another amazing Korean train movie, Snowpiercer. But that’s a good thing because I LOVED that film. The zombies here are extremely fast paced like 28 Days Later or World War Z, but they disturbingly creak and contort like jacked-up marionette puppets. It’s a hauntingly simple twist on the normal zombie and it works in spades. Plus, the sheer amount of zombies attacking in hordes, literally piling on top of each other in rabid insanity, makes for some incredible visuals and some insane suspense. Mark my words on this one — see it immediately. It’s worth every second of your time and just SO good. When Korea does a movie right, they REALLY do it right. I absolutely love Train to Busan and can’t recommend it enough.

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