10/27/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #27 – Monster Squad.


Yep, it’s time. It’s time I finally put Monster Squad up in this bitch. This baby is one of those childhood classics that will always stick with me no matter what. I know I’m not the only child of the 80’s that has a connection to this flick. I mean, how couldn’t you? It’s basically The Goonies, but with monsters. “SIGN ME UP!” says 10-year-old Jeff. The premise is about a bunch of kids in a monster club who calls themselves into action when the real monsters suddenly show up in their town. Versions of Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein, the Mummy, and even The Creature from the Black Lagoon are all on board here. The effects were all famously done by Stan Winston, and are some great variations on the classics. It’s childish fun, but with some oddly adult 80’s flair thrown in. In fact, I rewatched it recently and, wow, it’s amazing how unbelievably un-PC this flick is. It makes me remember all the phrases and insults that kids used to say to each other back then. Gay slurs and fat jokes run rampant. This aspect of this film is a little cringe-worthy by today’s standards, but in the 80’s it was just par for the course. But getting that out of the way, the movie itself is still a rollicking good 80’s childhood throwback. It’s silly. It’s goofy. It’s got an AMAZING 80’s music montage that rules. It’s got awkward conversations about who’s a virgin, and discussions about “Wolfman nards.” The 80’s pedigree is solid. It’s directed by Fred Dekker, who did one of my other 80’s favorites Night of the Creeps. Plus it’s written by both Dekker and Shane Black for hell’s sake. God bless Shane Black. At just over 80 minutes, Monster Squad is quick and to the point. I love sub-90 minute movies. LOVE. Enjoy yourself a bizarre, childish yet adult, un-PC trip down nostalgia lane. It’s just a good time.

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