10/23/16 – OCTOBER HORROR MOVIE PICK #23 – Southbound.


Today I’m gonna throw an interesting little anthology at you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love horror anthologies (or horror omnibus films if I want to sound British.) I could do all 31 days of this list and only use anthologies. Each one is full of bite-sized nuggets of horror, served up on a larger platter. They don’t require massive attention spans (sadly great for today’s audiences) and each segment usually has a fun little hook or twist. I always find them interesting, even if a few of the segments don’t work. Southbound is the next in the line of horror anthologies from the people that brought you the three V/H/S films. I know those films can be divisive, but I really enjoy them (especially V/H/S 2). With Southbound, they decided to try something a little different, and that’s the main reason I give major props to this movie. Here, they try to connect all the stories in a type of continuous flow, mainly following people driving along a deserted road. It’s not their normal method of rapid fire, non-connected anthology segments, and I think it works. The film opens with a fun story that thematically sets up the entire film. Two criminals on the run appear to be in some kind of inescapable time loop, and are being stalked by some really cool looking floating grim reaper looking things. It’s quick and to the point, and works as a starting point for the rest of the stories. Next, there’s a segment about an all-female band that breaks down in the desert, and rescued by a Stepford-esque family. Bonus points for casting Dana Gould in this one. There’s a segment about a man that hits someone with his car in the middle of the desert and becomes slave to the 911 operator. There’s a segment about a brother desperately searching for his lost sister. And finally there’s a segment about a family that is being stalked in their house by some masked criminals. It’s all fun and loosely connected. It’s not overly explained in every case, which works for some people and doesn’t for others. Me, I’m in the business of not needing every last thing explained to me. I enjoyed this film. It’s not going to win any awards, but it’s a fun rollicking time if you enjoy horror anthologies like I do. And I really do like the look of those cool grim reaper things.


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